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You've decided when you are coming to the Ziller valley for your holiday but you are still looking for somewhere to stay? Kill two birds with one stone by booking through!

Book accommodation - get 2% back via voucher

Use our easy-to-use accommodation booking system to select and book where you would like to stay. By doing so, you will then receive a voucher code worth 2% of the price of your accommodation. Great for putting towards your holiday to make it that little bit more special. The voucher can be redeemed through on any product that you choose.
Accommodations in Mayrhofen-Hippach
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How do you get your 2% voucher?

Simply create a user account through and book an accommodation. Once you have completed your booking, you will receive, in addition to your booking confirmation mail, another mail with your VOUCHER. The voucher code is written on it and you can redeem it when making your next purchase. Enjoy searching for and booking your accommodation through myZillertal. We give you MORE value. Note: Vouchers that are distributed in combination with a promotion lose their validity if the original booking that created the voucher is cancelled. If the voucher has already been used, the voucher value will be charged to you as a cancelation fee.