Guided Hikes and Bike Tours

Discover the diversity of the Ziller Valley mountains with the experts

Of course, you can enjoy hiking alone. Perhaps it’s a little more romantic with a partner? however, a hike with a professional guide is a special experience that you really shouldn’t miss out on. The mountain and hiking guides in the Ziller Valley grew up on their local mountains and know them like the back of their hands. Not only will they ensure that you are safe during your hike, they will also impart their extensive knowledge of the region and share many captivating stories along the way. The programme of guided tours is divided into:
  • Bike & Hike
  • Bike
  • Hiking and Mountain Tours
You can also find special themed hikes such as
  • Hiking & Yoga as well as
  • Courses offered by the mountaineering school
--------------------------------------- The 2020 summer programme is over. You will find the dates and the programme for the year 2021 here once they are fixed.