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Cable Car Guided Tour

Behind the scenes at Mount Ahorn and Mount Penken?

You have questions about the operation of the cable cars of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen? About the technology and the effort behind it? You would like to see the size of the machinery and know what such a suspension cable can handle?

Cycling with the Experts

Guided bike tours

The Ziller Valley offers countless opportunities to explore the region by bike- and it doesn't have to be on your own initiative. Maybe you want to discover some new routes or it's your first time cycling in the mountains of the Ziller Valley.

A suitable reward for a morning bike ride...

Mountain breakfast

Your reward awaits you at an altitude of 2,095m - a delicious mountain breakfast at the Granatalm.

From Abseiler to High Flier

#Schlegeis 131

Are action, fun and adrenaline high on your wish list when it comes to leisure activities? Do you enjoy testing your limits and the feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Then the fun station #131 Schlegeis is the perfect location for you.

Are You Ultraks Fit?

Ultraks Mayrhofen

Do you love nature? Are you a keen athlete? Do you enjoy challenging yourself and pushing your body to its limit? Then the Ultraks trail running race series is perfect for you.

Worlds which Sparkle

The magical sparkle of crystals and water

Even when the sun isn't shining, a day out immersed in sparkling crystals and water is sure to brighten your mood.

Fresh Herbs and Cool Water

Herb garden and swimming pool

The combination of gardening and swimming allow you to connect with nature through two enjoyable activities.

Keep it Simple and Rent Your Skis

Ski and snowboard hire

The logistical challenge of packing for a family holiday is not to be underestimated. However, if you are also planning to pack everyone's skis and snowboards, this challenge can quickly become a nightmare.

Nature with Added Fun and Excitement

Walks and hikes in the nature park

The Ziller Valley High Alpine Nature Park's summer programme invites you to take part in a journey of fun, adventure and excitement. Discover the beauty of the alpine nature in a relaxed environment with other like-minded people.

Walk Through Centuries of History

Guided Tour Hall

Would you like to travel back in time to the middle ages? During a visit to the city of Hall you can do just that. Hall is just 40 minutes by car from the Ziller Valley and was one of Tyrol's most important medieval cities.

In the Kingdom of the Sparkling Giant

Day ticket to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The Crystal Worlds are approx. 30 minutes drive from the Ziller Valley and the perfect destination for a spontaneous day out. Created by the multimedia artist Andre Heller, this unique attraction is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Austria.

The Best Days are Powder Days

Guided Off-Piste Tours

Whether you are alone or with friends, take a professional guide with you for an incredible backcountry adventure

Birds of Prey Up Close

The Eagle's Stage Ahorn

For 10 years, eagles, eagle owls, buzzards, hawks etc have been circling high above Mayrhofen, only a hand's breadth over the heads of the spectators. Up to 800 spectators can watch this exciting birds of prey show on the Leisure Mount Ahorn.

Test Your Limits!


Do you love a challenge? Are you a trail running enthusiast and would like to test your limits?

Breakfast at 2,000 meters above sea level

Winter Mountain Breakfast

We could all use a healthy dose of sustenance to help us get going in the morning. So why not combine a sporty day of skiing with culinary delights? And on top of all that there’s beautiful mountain scenery. What more could you ask for?

"Almabtrieb" - Mayrhofen's Autumn Cattle Drive

Entrance to the "Almabtrieb" festival

This important traditional festival starts on the 05.10.2019 at 10am. There are few places where the 'Almabtrieb' tradition is celebrated quite so spectacularly as in Mayrhofen.

Pack Your Swimming Costume

Mayrhofen's adventure swimming pool

When the summer really heats up, it's time to cool down and chill out. And what better way to do this than with a family day at the pool.

Exploring the Nature Park

Walking and Hiking in the Nature Park

Laufen durch duftende Kräuterwiesen, einen Sonnenaufgang am Berg erleben, an geführten Berg- oder Gipfeltouren teilnehmen, Wildtiere beobachten, das ewigen Eis entdecken, die unberührte Natur genießen, Geheimnisse lüften, klingt interessant für dich?

Soar Like an Eagle

Paragliding in the Ziller Valley

Silently soar through the skies and get a magnificent bird's eye view of the Ziller Valley.

A Hearty Mountain Breakfast

Breakfast at the Granatalm

Enjoying a hearty breakfast in the fresh mountain air as the first rays of the sun gently warm your face and your eyes feast on the most incredible mountain views. What better way is there to start your day?

Get More out of Your Holiday in the Ziller Valley!

Your Summer Holiday with myZillertal.app!

Cycling Made Easier - Powered by Electricity

E-Bike Hire

Are you looking for new inspiration for a family day out? Then jump on the saddle of an e-bike and discover the Ziller Valley from a different perspective.


Vier Leute, ein Team, kein Erbarmen!

RISE&FALL geht in die achte Runde! Am 14. Dezember 2019 stürzen sich Paragleiter und Skifahrer ins Tal sowie Skibergsteiger und Mountainbiker stürmen den Berg hinauf.

Children's Paragliding and Mayrhofen Swimming Pool

Float through the air and swim through the water

A day of adventures including floating through the air at dizzying heights and wet'n'wild fun.

Glück = Erfolg? Erfolg = Glück?

Vortrag Stefan Sagmeister

Resultiert Glück aus Erfolg - oder andersherum? Bei seinem einzigen Österreich Auftritt am 22. August 2019 in Mayrhofen nimmt dich Stefan Sagmeister mit auf eine spannende Reise zum Thema Glück und Erfolg.

Put Your Apron On

KNAUER Cookery Workshop

Do you enjoy cooking with others? Do you like to try new things and be creative? Then you are sure to enjoy a cookery class at the KNAUER Cookery Workshop.

Become a Master Schnapps Distiller

Distill your own schnapps

"A schnapps a day keeps the doctor away!" The schnapps of the past has evolved into a fine spirit and a high quality regional product. Visit a distillery and get a glimpse of the production process before trying your hand at distilling your own schnapps.

Frozen Fun

Ice-Skating in the Ziller Valley

Are you looking for a change of scenery from the ski slopes? Then its time to get your skates on!

Over Hill and Dale - Push Yourself to the Limit!


Accept the challenge of the Steinbock Hike and Steinbock Run and prove your mettle. Take part in the most popular alpine hike in the whole of the Alps.

The Small Hotel with a Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet dining for foodies

The small but top class restaurant at the Hotel Sieghard in Hippach wows with its culinary delights

Ski Experience for Adrenaline Junkies

6 day ski pass including Mountain Experience Ahorn

Faster, higher, steeper! Only superlatives can adequately describe the High Altitude Tour in the ski region of Mayrhofen.

A Day Away from the Mountains

Mayrhofen's outdoor leisure swimming pool

Swap fun in the mountains for fun in the water and treat yourself to a relaxed swim in the outdoor swimming pools in Mayrhofen or Hippach.

A Cultural Gem on the Penken

VIP Tour of the Granat Chapel

The majestic architecture of this modern building in the midst of a sunny mountain plateau is spellbinding even from a distance. During this fascinating tour, discover exactly how this unusual chapel came to be built at an altitude of 2,087m.

From a World of Sparkle to a World of Water

Crystal Worlds and Water Worlds

If the weather doesn't play ball, parents often worry how to entertain the kids - take a tip from us...

Is Castle Tratzberg Haunted?

Entrance to Castle Tratzberg

Come on a journey of discovery and find out if ghosts really haunt the corridors of Castle Tratzberg!

Barbecue evening at 2,000 meters above sea level

Sunset BBQ

Enjoy an unforgettable barbecue evening with beautiful mountain scenery at 2,000 meters above sea level on leisure mountain ahorn!

Fine Wines for the Discerning Palate

Premium Wine Tasting

A wine tasting in the historic wine cellar of the Hotel Neue Post is a treat for all your senses.

Feel Like Bigfoot

Guided Snowshoe Hike

Do you want to adventure through an untouched winter wonderland, breathing in the clear mountain air and enjoying the absolute peace and quiet? Then treat yourselves to a guided snowshoe hike far away from the busy ski pistes.

Schürzenjägerzeit homma heit

Schürzenjäger Open Air

Schürzenjäger homma heit. Sichere dir deine Eintrittskarte für das Open Air der Schürzenjäger 2019 am 03. August 2019

Trickreiche Abwechslung


Möchtest du deine Geschicklichkeit unter Beweis stellen? Beim Minigolf in Hippach kannst du zeigen, was du für eine ruhige Hand hast.

Your Perfect Ski Day

1 day ski pass

You have been dreaming of blue skies, sunshine and amazing pistes and suddenly you are wide awake! Make your dreams a reality and spend a day skiing on the mountains of Mayrhofen.

Be the First on the Piste!

Day Ski Pass

The good weather forecast and stunning pictures of the ski area on the webcam leave you no choice – the mountain is calling!

Pizza and Spaghetti

Ski Lessons for Children

Are your children super keen to get on the ski slopes? But, are you unsure about how to broach the subject of skiing lessons?

Filzenkogel – dein Gipfelerlebnis

Gipfel für Jedermann

Auch du willst mal am Gipfel stehen? Ein traumhaftes Foto mit einem Panorama über das ganze Tal machen und dich im Gipfelbuch verewigen? Dann haben wir das richtige Erlebnis für dich, deine Freunde und deine Familie.

The Magical Kingdom of the Sparkling Giant

Day ticket to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The Crystal Worlds are just a 30 minute drive from the Ziller Valley and are the perfect destination for a spontaneous day out. You and your family will enter the magical world of the sparkling giant, where not only children's eyes shine brightly.

Kids Who Can Fly!

Paragliding in the Ziller Valley

Flying through the air like Superman on a mission to save the world is a dream for many kids. Make that dream a reality.

Schlegeis 3000 - Count me in!

Early bird ticket 2020

Save the date - The 2nd Schlegeis 3000 race will take place on the 11th July 2020. The first of this unique running event was an amazing success.

Start Your Day the Right Way

Breakfast in the valley

Make the busy day wait and enjoy a relaxed and indulgent breakfast in beautiful surroundings.

Breakfast at 2,000 meters above sea level

Summer Mountain Breakfast

We could all use a healthy dose of sustenance to help us get going in the morning. So why not combine athletic pursuits with culinary delights? And on top of all that there’s beautiful mountain scenery. What more could you ask for?

Paragliding and Swimming in Mayrhofen

Take off and jump in

In an action-packed day take off into the skies and dive into cool water.

Get up to calm down!

Up and down - more mountain experience in between!

Hiking, climbing, biking, paragliding, splashing, an E-Trial Parcours, Mountain Scooters and so much more you can do with just one ascent and descent - with the gondola lifts of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen.

Hoch hinaus mit dem Mountainbike oder dem Paragleiter

Biken und fliegen

Der Actionberg Penken bietet herrliche Aussichten und kristallklare Luft, sowie perfekte Bedingungen für Paragleiter und Mountainbiker. In luftigen Höhen fühlst du dich verbunden mit der Natur und den Bergen ganz nah.

Cook, Taste, Enjoy

A cookery course of the senses

The "little cookery course of the senses" in the Sieghard restaurant in Hippach is a winning combination of cooking, tasting and enjoying.

Some Like it Hot

Mayrhofen Sauna

Saunas are always popular - whatever the season, even in summer. After a busy day exploring nature, the interplay of temperatures is especially beneficial.

Pedalling with Extra Power

E-Bike rental

The quickest way to experience the comfort and practicality of this new type of biking is to hire an e-bike. Let the local experts advise you on the equipment you need and the best routes for your first e-bike tour.

Separee Juchee: Three-Course Meal at Altitude

Three-course menu

Enjoy a delicious three-course meal with accompanying wine in an exclusive dining area away from the hustle and bustle of the mountain.

Walk on the Wild Side

Ski touring for enthusiasts

Ski touring instead of downhill skiing - is it time to try something new?

Ein Actiontag am Penken

Action am Berg

Darf es mal ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis sein? Umgeben von einer faszinierenden Bergwelt bieten die Mayrhofner Bergbahnen kleinen und großen Abenteurern das passende Programm.

Fun on the Ice

Curling in the Ziller Valley

Après-ski, a little different! Leave the party on the pistes and step into the rink to prove your skills.

Shuttlebus Schlegeis

Der Erste am Schlegeis

Kennst du schon DEN Fotopoint für Sonnenaufgänge im Zillertal? Am Stausee Schlegeis hinter dem Bergsteigerdorf Ginzling kannst du einen beeindruckenden Shoot für all deine Social Media Kanäle schießen.

Perfect Winter Wonderland in the Ziller Valley

6 Day Ziller Valley Superski Pass with Mountain Experience Ahorn

Und i flieg, flieg, flieg wie a Flieger, ...


Vom 15. bis 18. August 2019 steigt die JUZI-Party in Strass. Die Party geht über vier Tage und das Highlight ist natürlich das Open Air Konzert am Samstag.

Green Fingers and Swimming Fun

Herb garden tour and outdoor swimming pool

The combination of gardening and swimming allow you to connect with nature through two enjoyable activities.

Sunrise Breakfast

Breakfast tastes better on the mountain!

You should not miss this when visiting Mayrhofen. It is a true spectacle of nature, a highlight and an emotional moment of happiness when the first rays of sunshine flash over the peaks of the Zillertal Alps.

It's Never Too Late...

Ski Lessons for Adults

Is it your first time on skis? Or has it just been a while since you last skied? A ski instructor can make getting started or getting back on skis much easier.