#Schlegeis 131

From Abseiler to High Flier

Are action, fun and adrenaline high on your wish list when it comes to leisure activities? Do you enjoy testing your limits and the feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Then the fun station #131 Schlegeis at Tyrol's largest reservoir is the ideal location for you. It's the perfect place to prove yourself as a true adrenaline junkie.

Roping Station - Abseiling

Abseiling with a difference! The abseiling platform is located at the very top of the dam. From this point, you enjoy a free-fall on a cable of 131 metres down. Making the jump requires real courage, even if you know you are well secured. Face your fears - it's worth it!
Abseilstation Schlegeis

© Abseilstation Schlegeis

Flying Fox

Are you thirsty for more action and adrenaline? Then book your next adventure at the Flying Fox Station. Zoom from one side of the valley to the other on a breath-taking ride at a height of over 600m. Your adventure will be filmed with an Action-Cam so you can share it online immediately and amaze all of your friends.

© Flying Fox

Giant Swing

The NEW GIANT SWING #Schlegeis131 is the absolute HIGHLIGHT for adrenaline junkies ! With a 30 meter free fall and the following swing your pulse will guaranteed shoot up and the adrenaline will rise to the absolute maximum. Only for adrenaline junkies!
Giant Swing Schlegeis 131