Herb garden and swimming pool

Fresh herbs and cool water

The combination of gardening and swimming allow you to connect with nature through two enjoyable activities. In the morning, wander amongst the most fragrant herbs and flowers and, in the afternoon, enjoy the cool waters of Hippach's outdoor swimming pool.
Wildkräuterspaziergang Hannes Sautner WS

© Wildkräuterspaziergang Hannes Sautner WS

The colourful flowers of "Widums" herb garden in Hippach are not just a feast for the eyes, but also a delightful aromatic assault on the nose. From the many different herbs in the garden, you can put together a small bunch of your favourites to take home with you. While you top up your energy levels in this peaceful spot, the gardeners will share their extensive knowledge of the herbs.
Summerworld Hippach

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After improving your knowledge of herbs, you have earned a cooling dip in Hippach's outdoor swimming pool. It's just 400m from the herb garden to the swimming pool; a quick 5 minute walk and you are there. The sports complex offers fantastic swimming facilities and also boasts beach volleyball courts, trampolines and a small football pitch.