Guided Tour Hall

Walk Through Centuries of History

Enjoy a holiday of contrasts: nature then culture, mountain tour then city tour. Take the time to experience another side to Tyrol. How would you like to travel back in time to the middle ages? During a visit to the city of Hall you can do just that. Over 700 years old, Hall is just 40 minutes by car from the Ziller Valley and was one of Tyrol's largest and most important medieval cities.
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Walk through centuries of history and discover the most beautiful locations in this small city, such as the Oberen Stadtplatz (town square) and historic hidden backstreets. Learn how the city became so influential through its income from salt and how Hall Mint minted the first taler and dollar coins, which made it famous worldwide. Hall also boasts many cafés and shops to browse and enjoy.
Stadtführung Hall

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On the way to Hall, you drive past the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, which are also well worth a visit. Together, a guided tour of Hall and a visit to the Crystal Worlds make a great day out. Created by the multimedia artist Andre Heller, this unique art exhibition and experiences is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria.