Paragliding in the Ziller Valley

Soar Like an Eagle

Silently soar through the skies and get a magnificent bird's eye view of the Ziller Valley. Has a flying adventure always been on your to-do list? Feel as free as a bird and at home in the skies with a paragliding tandem flight.
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© Dominic Ebenbichler

Your flight mostly starts close to one of the top stations of the cable cars. The costs for the cable car are not included in your ticket. If you haven't got a cable car ticket, you just need to buy a single ascent ticket. Before you take off, your highly qualified tandem pilot will brief you on what to do and what to expect. Then its time for take off! Just a few metres of running and your legs will lose contact with the ground as the wing lifts you up. In perfect peace and tranquility, far from the hustle and bustle of the world below, you soar above the valley.
Eagle’s Flight - Flugtaxi Mayrhofen

© Flugtaxi Mayrhofen

Are you thirsty for more action? After a while, this relaxed gliding might become too tame for you. Then let your pilot know and he can ramp the experience up a gear. He is sure to be pleased to have the chance to show off his skills and turn the wing in dynamic spins, like a roller-coaster in the air, as you head towards the landing.
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Paragleiten Sommer © Dominic Ebenbichler

Top tip! Dress appropriately. Even on a sunny day, temperatures in the air can be cool. Comfortable boots with ankle support are ideal for take off and landing. And, don't forget suncream and sunglasses!