Castle Tratzberg Guided Tours

Is Castle Tratzberg Haunted?

At the castle you'll meet real knights, the castle's very own ghost, Tratzi, and his friend, Adele the mouse. An exciting children's tour awaits you, full of fairytale magic. An extra special highlight is the virtual reality journey.
Mittelalter zum Anfassen und Anprobieren

© Schloss Tratzberg

Learn about the castle's history with a special children's audio guide and discover something new in every room. Try and collect all the answers to the children's quiz during your tour and, with a little luck, you might win a prize. Finally, enjoy the castle's own playground with a climbing tour.
Schlosswirt mit Biergarten und Spielplatz

© Schloss Tratzberg

Take a virtual reality journey back in time at Castle Tratzberg. Experience a world of knights, emperors and nobility with a 360° virtual reality tour including watching the original castle burn to the ground in the great fire of 1492. The virtual reality journey is suitable for children aged 8 years and above. So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in a romantic world of knights and damsels!