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The Ziller Valley offers countless opportunities to explore the region by bike- and it doesn't have to be on your own initiative. Maybe you want to discover some new routes or it's your first time cycling in the area. If so, why not treat yourself to a local guide? After all, unplanned detours might improve your knowledge of the region but they generally don't improve your enjoyment of the bike ride!
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Guided Bike Tours
Anything is possible, from a relaxing day cycling in the valley to a challenging tour of the surrounding mountain alms to demanding trails with extreme downhill sections. Individually planned to suit your level of fitness and technical ability, your guide will find the perfect route for you. What is more, you are sure to reach your destination and enjoy the journey there.
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Are you new to mountain biking or e-biking? Would you like to learn the basic technique such as body position, the correct way to brake, how to take corners etc? Then book a cycling technique training session. Let the experts teach you some useful exercises to hone your skills, step by step. Afterwards, you'll be well prepared for an accident-free season of biking and can get pedalling!
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Cycling Technique Training
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