Sunrise Hike

Be the first to reach the peak

Are you an early riser who likes nothing better than waking up with some morning sport? Then you are sure to enjoy an early morning hike to the Rastkogel peak (2,762m) on the Schwendberg mountain. Standing on the peak, surrounded by the fabulous mountain panorama is an incredible feeling which will take your breath away.

© Dominic Ebenbichler

Start your hike in the early morning hours from the Gmade car park on the Zillertal Höhenstrasse. It will take you approximately 2.5 hours to reach the peak. Take a headtorch with you as it can still be dark, depending on the summer month. Now you are all ready to start your hike to the peak. After just a little ascent you will start to see the first rays of sunshine glimmering beyond the ridge – not much further now!

© Dominic Ebenbichler

The last steep climb and you’ve made it! You’ve proven your strength and determination and are rewarded with exclusive views over the mountains of the Ziller Valley. Now it’s time to toast your success with a traditional “Gipfelschnaps” (summit schnapps) and enjoy a well-earned breakfast snack. Top tip! Record your hike in the summit book before you return to the valley.What are you waiting for? Set your alarm clock and don’t you dare press snooze!