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Michael Mittermeier Special! Live at the "Altitude" Comedy Festival in Mayrhofen.

Bavarian banter meets British humour amidst the snow-covered mountains of the Ziller Valley. Experience this exotic mix as part of the British "Altitude" Comedy Festival on the 31st March 2020 in Mayrhofen. Every year, some of the best and well-known English-language comedians come together to turn this winter sports destination into a comedy festival arena. Would you like to experience some German language comedy? Then book your tickets to see Michael Mittermeier on the 31st March 2020: the only German comedian in this festival of laughs.
Ticket Michael Mittermeier
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The setting couldn't be more classic: pure stand-up, exactly as it should be. One comedian, one microphone, directly addressing his audience. And appearing on this stage, in his absolute element, a classic of stand-up comedy: Michael Mittermeier. Michael Mittermeier presents a very special show: powerful, funny and spontaneous with poise and passion. For when Mittermeier has fun, so does his audience! A successful comedy gig is a bit like a good drink: its all in the mixing.
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And Michael Mittermeier serves up an eclectic blend, perfectly mixed. Old meets new, fake meets news, zeitgeist meets bobblehead. A unique cocktail, the likes of which James Bond never experienced: shaken AND stirred by laughter. Unplugged and for one night only - Michael Mittermeier LIVE.