Ultraks Trailrun 2021

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Running makes you HIGH. Ultraks is addictive. Did the "Ultraks" virus also infect you? Then secure your starting position now for ULTRAKS 2021 in Mayrhofen. This event takes place on the 11th September, 2021.
Start Mayrhofen Ultraks Zillertal

Mayrhofen Ultraks Zillertal © Tom Klocker Photo

You again have the option to choose between the Ultra Short, Short, Middle and Long routes. The entry-level distance is the ULTRA SHORT over 7.1km with a total of just 350 meters of gradient. The SHORT route is already demanding with a length of 14 km and an altitude difference of 990 m. On the MIDDLE route, which leads you from Mayrhofen to the Penkenjoch, you cover a distance of 30.1 km and 1,970 meters in altitude.
Ultraks 2019

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However, the absolute challenge is the 54.1 km LONG route. It leads from Mayrhofen over the Penken plateau to the peak of the Rastkogel mountain. It offers the best views in the Ziller Valley. From there the route descends via the Schwendberg back into the valley. Runners must conquer an amazing 3,830 metres in altitude.No matter which of these routes you choose, you will need plenty of endurance and an iron will to finish this spectacular trail running event.
Mayrhofen Ultraks Zillertal

Mayrhofen Ultraks Zillertal © Tom Klocker Photo

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