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Kitchen temptations

Have you heard about the latest couples to get together at the Knauer KOCHwerkstatt? It was love at first sight! We’re talking about asparagus and wine and Italian delicacies and gin, of course! Which is your favourite couple? Find out at the Knauer KOCHwerkstatt.The asparagus family has sought out the most attractive wines. In our open kitchen you can learn which asparagus type goes best with which wine.
Spargel Wein mit Copyright
KNAUER KOCHwerkstatt - Asparagus & Wine in duet
Experience La Dolce Vita as a renowned chef teaches you all about Italian delicacies. You’ll also receive an introduction to the world of gin, where you can even experiment with your own creations.
Italienische Schmankerl mit Gin Verkostung

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Italian delicacies and Gin tasting
KNAUER KOCHwerkstatt