Gala Dinner

Modern Creativity with a Traditional Twist

Do you love Tyrolean cuisine but but also enjoy new tastes? Then treat yourself to a gourmet meal at Hotel Held - every Wednesday at 06.30 pm. Experience a new twist on classic cuisine. Regional ingredients and homegrown herbs and spices are used to create international dishes at a gourmet standard. Book a gala dinner to enjoy new and delicate creations in a distinctive Tyrolean style.
Beef fillet with potatoes ricotta ravioli / Sport and wellness hotel Held

© Sport- und Wellnesshotel Held

Every Wednesday, head chef Martin and his team use their passion and creativity to conjure up an exclusive seven-course meal. Their philosophy is "the best is close at hand". The ingenuity of these staging chefs is astounding! Of course, the perfect liquid accompaniment can be selected from the hotel's wine cellar, which is well-stocked with a wide range of fine wines. Relaxing harp music creates the perfect atmosphere for an elegant dining experience.
Harp player in the Sport and Wellness Hotel Held

© Sport- und Wellnesshotel Held

The Sport and Spa Hotel Held is the ideal location for an enjoyable evening for: a special event, a romantic evening for two, a family celebration or get together with friends.