Breakfast with a view

For early risers, sun worshippers & connoisseurs

Close your eyes: imagine you have got up early to catch the first gentle rays of sunshine, which softly caress your skin.  You breathe in the clean, fresh mountain air and watch the valley slowly waking up below you.


Make this prefect morning a reality. The sunrise Ahorn cable car transports you comfortably from Mayrhofen to a spectacular mountain panorama at almost 2,000m to experience dawn breaking. When you arrive, a generous breakfast buffet awaits you at the Ahornhütte to provide you with a delicious and nutritious start to the day.
ahornhuette_fruehstueck_ buffet ©becknaphoto

Breakfast at the Ahornhütte ©BECKNAPHOTO

ahornhuette_fruehstueck kaesebuffet©becknaphoto

Breakfast Ahornhütte ©BECKNAPHOTO

How should you continue to enjoy your day? The choices are many. Chill out on the sun terrace of the Ahornhütte and enjoy the warmth of the sun as it rises in the sky; conquer a hike to a mountain peak; or enjoy cooling down in the water of Lake Ahorn and relaxing on the surrounding sun loungers. One thing is for sure: you are certain to find the right activity for you.
ahornhuette_fruehstueck_ buffet ©becknaphoto

Breakfast at the Ahornhütte ©BECKNAPHOTO

ahornhuette aussen sommer © becknaphoto

Ahornhütte on Mount Ahorn ©BECKNAPHOTO