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Leisure park Zell am Ziller

Swimming in the leisure park ūüĆě In the amusement park Zell am Ziller, which is located directly in the village on the Zillerpromenade, you will find numerous leisure activities for young and old. Swimming, sliding splashing, sporting, resting all this is offered by the outdoor swimming pool Zell am Ziller. There is plenty of fun and variety in the cool water in the sports and adventure pool as well as in the white water canal, the giant and wide slide. The spacious lying area offers space for chilling out. Nothing stands in the way of a wonderful bathing day.
Leisure park Zell am Ziller Outdoorpool
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Minigolfing in the leisure park ‚õ≥ÔłŹ For all Tiger Woods among the mini golfers? Compete with your buddies at a game of golf and fight for victory. Be assured, accuracy and skill is more in demand than ever!
Leisure park Zell

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