Admission Feinripp Ensemble: Rippenhof Saga

Ein leicht gerippter Bauernschwank ( A Farmers Parody), on September 24, 2020

"Mia sein mia, mia sein mia, mia sein stärker wie die Stier" - cry the three brothers in the play, who want to fulfill their father's last wish and return to their parents' farm. It takes place on September 24, 2020 at 20:00. But what task will await them there and will the brothers perhaps reach their limits?
Feinripp Ensemble: Rippenhof Saga - 24.09.2020


Feinripp Ensemble
Rippenhof Saga - 24.09.2020
Maybe you already know the three guys in old men's underpants from one of their brilliantly funny plays like the Bible, Shakespeare's literature or the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm. If not, then get involved in something new - you will not regret it.Look forward to a riviting and farmer style evening with guaranteed laughs with the fine ribbed undershirts and old men's underpants.