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Our Top 7 Summer Highlights in the Ziller Valley

Mountains, hiking and a stiff “Meisterwurz” schnapps

From the many fantastic things to do in the region, the team at myZillertal.app have selected 7 “must-do” holiday highlights. Read on to be inspired!

Packing list for your summer holiday in the Ziller Valley

I packed my suitcase and in it I put...!

The 8 most important things you should pack for a fantastic summer holiday in the mountains.

A Hearty Mountain Breakfast

Breakfast at the Granatalm

Enjoying a hearty breakfast in the fresh mountain air as the first rays of the sun gently warm your face and your eyes feast on the most incredible mountain views. What better way is there to start your day? from 8:30 a.m.

Pure Nature - Your Support Counts

Nature Park Membership

By becoming a member of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park, you are not only helping the environment but are also entitled to take part in many activities free of charge.

Refreshing times on Mount Ahorn

Lake Ahornsee & Ahornbachl Stream

In the summer months on Leisure Mountain Ahorn, families and nature lovers unwind at Lake Ahorn and Ahorn Creek.

Your four-legged friend

Information for dog owners

Find out all about holidaying with a dog in the Ziller Valley.

Holiday with your four-legged friend

Dog-friendly accommodation

Do you own a dog and often worry what to do with it when you are on holiday? We have the answer!

Are you never happier than when you are in the mountains?

Guided hikes in Fügen - Kaltenbach

Discover the region of Fügen-Kaltenbach. We’ve got the perfect walks and hikes for you!