"Almabtrieb" - Mayrhofen's Autumn Cattle Drive

Entrance to the "Almabtrieb" festival

This important traditional festival starts on the 05.10.2019 at 10am. There are few places where the 'Almabtrieb' tradition is celebrated quite so spectacularly as in Mayrhofen.

Breakfast at 2,000 meters above sea level

Mountain Breakfast

We could all use a healthy dose of sustenance to help us get going in the morning. So why not combine a sporty day of skiing with culinary delights? And on top of all that there’s beautiful mountain scenery. What more could you ask for?

The Magical Kingdom of the Sparkling Giant

Day ticket to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The Crystal Worlds are just a 30 minute drive from the Ziller Valley and are the perfect destination for a spontaneous day out. You and your family will enter the magical world of the sparkling giant, where not only children's eyes shine brightly.

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Is it almost time for your holidays in Mayrhofen? Are you looking forward to unforgettable summer experiences in the Zillertal mountains?

Birds of Prey Up Close

Birds of Prey Show

For 10 years, eagles, eagle owls, buzzards, hawks etc have been circling high above Mayrhofen, only a hand's breadth over the heads of the spectators. Up to 800 spectators can watch this exciting birds of prey show on the Leisure Mount Ahorn.

Auszeit am Ahorn

Ahornbahn mit Adlerbühne

Der Genießerberg Ahorn verspricht dir eine traumhafte Aussicht, die höchstgelegenste Greifvogelstation Europas sowie Ruhe und Entspannung.

Walk Through Centuries of History

Guided Tour Hall

Would you like to travel back in time to the middle ages? During a visit to the city of Hall you can do just that. Hall is just 40 minutes by car from the Ziller Valley and was one of Tyrol's most important medieval cities.

In the Kingdom of the Sparkling Giant

Day ticket to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The Crystal Worlds are approx. 30 minutes drive from the Ziller Valley and the perfect destination for a spontaneous day out. Created by the multimedia artist Andre Heller, this unique attraction is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Austria.

Für Seilbahn-Entdecker

Berg- und Talfahrt mit Seilbahnführung

Wie oft wurdest du schon von deinen Kindern gefragt, wenn du mit einer Seilbahn gefahren bist, wie und warum dies und das so ist?

Filzenkogel — your mountain experience

Ascent and descent

You, too, want to stand on top of a mountain? Do you want to take a beautiful picture with a panoramic view of the entire valley and add your name to the summit register?

Fresh Herbs and Cool Water

Herb garden and swimming pool

The combination of gardening and swimming allow you to connect with nature through two enjoyable activities.

Glück = Erfolg? Erfolg = Glück?

Vortrag Stefan Sagmeister

Resultiert Glück aus Erfolg - oder andersherum? Bei seinem einzigen Österreich Auftritt am 22. August 2019 in Mayrhofen nimmt dich Stefan Sagmeister mit auf eine spannende Reise zum Thema Glück und Erfolg.

Hinter den Kulissen der Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

Berg- und Talfahrt mit Seilbahnführung

Wolltest du schon immer einmal wissen, wie überhaupt eine Bergbahn funktioniert? Wenn ja, haben wir genau das Richtige für dich.

Become a Master Schnapps Distiller

Distill your own schnapps

"A schnapps a day keeps the doctor away!" The schnapps of the past has evolved into a fine spirit and a high quality regional product. Visit a distillery and get a glimpse of the production process before trying your hand at distilling your own schnapps.

Cable Car Guided Tour

Behind the scenes at Mount Ahorn and Mount Penken?

You have questions about the operation of the cable cars of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen? About the technology and the effort behind it? You would like to see the size of the machinery and know what such a suspension cable can handle?

Worlds which Sparkle

The magical sparkle of crystals and water

Even when the sun isn't shining, a day out immersed in sparkling crystals and water is sure to brighten your mood.

A Cultural Gem on the Penken

VIP Tour of the Granat Chapel

The majestic architecture of this modern building in the midst of a sunny mountain plateau is spellbinding even from a distance. During this fascinating tour, discover exactly how this unusual chapel came to be built at an altitude of 2,087m.

Sonnenaufgang neu erleben

Ahornbahn & Frühstücken auf 2.000 m

Sonnenaufgang auf 2.000 Höhenmeter miterleben und danach das Ahornplateau erkunden!

Sunrise Breakfast

Sunrise breakfast

You should not miss this when visiting Mayrhofen. It is a true spectacle of nature, a highlight and an emotional moment of happiness when the first rays of sunshine flash over the peaks of the Zillertal Alps.