Blechlawine 2.0 kommt 2021

Blechlawine will be back in 2021

The organisers of the Blechlawine event have informed us that, due to the current situation, the event planned for the 21st to 24th May 2020 has been postponed and will now take place from the 3rd to the 6th June 2021 at the Waldfestplatz (forest stage) in Mayrhofen. BUT don’t worry, here’s the good news! All brass bands enthusiasts can look forward to a special alternative festival this summer - “Bühne frei” for the Blechlawine 1.5! This slightly shorter but no less colourful and musical, brass band event will take place from the 29th to the 30th August 2020 at the Waldfestplatz (forest stage) in Mayrhofen. Further information about the festival program can you find when you go to booking.
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Special offer! If you already have a ticket for Blechlawine 2.0 then you are entitled to a discounted price for the Blechlawine 1.5 event. Just send an email to with the order number of the ticket you already purchased. You’ll be sent a voucher code to use to buy your new tickets.
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Look forward to the second Blechlawine festival from the 2nd to the 6th June 2021
Show your loyalty to the Blechlawine and hold onto your ticket for the new event in June 2021. The advantages for you are: your ticket remains valid, even if next year’s tickets go up in price, and your support for the event organisers is greatly appreciated. Here’s a little taster of the musical performances that you can look forward to at the 2021 event:Landesmusikschule Zillertal, Wattentaler Musikanten, Jochberger Blechschod’n, Herzogsdorfer Böhmische, die Fidelen Wörgler, Juvavum 8, 6er Blas, Blech&White, Musikkapelle Münsing, Hergolshäuser Musikanten, Junger Schwung, Musikverein Pennewang, BlechXpress, 5er Blech, Mistrinanka, Blaskapelle Ceska, Brauhaus-Musikanten, Gehörsturz, VieraBlech, Musikatzen, Klostner 7er Partie, Blech Holz, Innsbrucker Böhmische, Eine kleine Dorfmusik, Die Fegerländer, Allgäu 6, Pro Solist’y, Blechhaufen XXL, Musikkapelle St.Johann (Südtirol), Karwenka, Franz Posch und seine Innbrüggler, Kaiser Musikanten, Die Ahnga Böhmische,….. (program may be subject to change)